Laurel Harrish Photography | Testimonials

These are really fantastic, Laurel - I can't stop looking at them! Thanks again for taking the time. We both really appreciate the photos, and equally importantly, really enjoyed the experience.

- Abby P.


I am OBSESSED wth, I seriously showed the guy working at Verizon the slideshow. You are so talented, I just can't get over how good you are! I have friends emailing and Facebooking me saying they wished they lived in PA so you could do their family photos!

- Brianna C.


Laurel, we will never be able to thank you enough for capturing our family in such a magnificent way. You are an amazing photographer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Nancy K.


I was a total mess this morning looking at your beautiful photos. Thank you for giving me such a  wonderful gift. You've captured them like no one else. So touched, I can't express it.

- Courtenay K.


Thought I'd let you know that our friends and family love the photos. They were all very impressed!  I can't tell you how much we appreciate your work. THANK YOU again.

- Deanna L.


Wowsers! I seriously can't stop looking at them!

- Kristin S.


Love them all!!!! Thank you so much!

- Kelly M.


Really, they are so great. And I've had so many mom friends asking me about you. I of course told them how easy you were to work with and told them to call you ASAP.

-Sarah F.