Laurel Harrish Photography | About

Like most photographers, my love of photography started at a very young age.

As a child, I would beg my grandmother to look at her countless family photo albums stored on the top shelf of her closet. I adored skimming over every page and staring at all of my loved ones immortalized in those books. Even at an early age, I knew how important these photos were to her and to the history of my family.

When I turned ten, she gave me my very first camera (her used Kodak Instamatic X-35 with GE magic cube flashbulbs!) and I've been hooked ever since. The need to document my life, and other lives, through photography is just about as strong as any other desire I have.

My style of photography is described as natural, vibrant and easy-going. As a graphic designer and illustrator, I have a passion for composition, texture, patterns, colors, portraiture, lighting and the teeny-tiny details that make something special.

And as a mother, I know how important every detail is.


Fun facts about me:

  • I have two young daughters (ages 4 and 8) and one stepson who is currently in graduate school in Texas. Our children are the source of about 99% of the love, laughter and chaos we experience on a daily basis. 
  • My husband is my best friend, my hero, and the hardest working man I know.
  • I'm originally from Ohio, but have also lived in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and now Pennsylvania and multiple cities within these states.
  • I love to run. To date, I've run 10 marathons, 23 half marathons, and various other races. I'm still hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day (running fast is hard, getting older is easier), and have goals of attempting ultra trail running in the near future. 
  • I have a degree in graphic design but also studied illustration, black and white photography and darkroom editing.
  • I spent 10 years working as a bartender and met my husband when we worked together at a brewpub in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Go Buckeyes!
  • I worked as a daycare/school photographer back in 2000 when we spent a year in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where my love of working with children began.
  • My current/other job is as a Creative Director at a local university, where I have been for almost 10 years.
  • I fell in love with Japan after my first visit there in 2017. My husband often travels there for work and we are hoping to take our daughters for multiple, extended stays in the near future.
  • Indulging in 70's soft rock and 80's new wave radio stations is my musical guilty pleasure.


I would love the chance to find out more about you and your family while preserving your memories. 

 - Laurel Harrish